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April 22, 2024

Ranked #1 for Expense Management in G2’s Grid® Reports for Middle East

A heartfelt thank you to our amazing users who voted us #1 for Expense Management in the Middle East on G2 this spring!

Driven by user ratings & reviews, Alaan is once again the top-ranked platform for expense management in the Middle East on G2. What's even better is that Alaan stood #1 in Expense Management for Mid-Market companies GLOBALLY!

But let's come back to this in a minute.

First, a shout out to our customers, who matter the most to us here at Alaan — the ones who use our platform to manage their business expenses and consistently rate us highly on G2. We are incredibly grateful to you! 

With that said, we’re truly humbled & grateful to have secured the #1 spot in G2’s Expense Management Results Index for Mid-Market, right next to Ramp—a global giant in spend management. It is an honor to be recognized alongside such an innovative and distinguished industry leader! 

A summary of our top mentions on G2 this spring

#1 in Mid-Market Results Index for Expense Management | Spring 2024

#1 in Middle East Regional Grid® Report for Expense Management | Spring 2024

#1 in Relationship Index for Payment Card Issuance | Spring 2024

#1 in Mid-Market Results Index for Travel & Expense | Spring 2024

#1 Small-Business Middle East & Africa Regional Grid® Report for Expense Management | Spring 2024

The results are mentioned in G2’s reports for Spring 2024 and they can be accessed here

How the G2 satisfaction axis looks like for Alaan

We’re especially proud of our high ranking along the satisfaction axis, as it reflects our efforts to continuously improve our product as a team, guided by consistent customer feedback.

More on the expense management category on G2 & Alaan’s rankings

As more businesses see the advantages of streamlining business expenses, there is a growing trend towards adopting expense management solutions. Alaan stands out in this category as it provides a comprehensive solution to the common petty cash and employee reimbursement challenges faced by many companies in the Middle East. It achieves this through its corporate cards and the ultimate AI-powered expense management platform, with a breadth of superior functionality and features.

Unlike other corporate card providers that offer points and rewards, Alaan cards provide generous cash back - up to 2% on all business expenses. To address the needs of enterprises and mid-market companies, Alaan assists businesses with operations across the GCC, managing multiple subsidiaries & integrating seamlessly with all leading accounting tools.

G2 also releases expense management reports for small businesses in the Middle East, and Alaan also tops this list. For startups and early-stage companies planning to expand, systems that can grow with the business are crucial and Alaan is designed to scale with your company, avoiding the costs and difficulties of replacing systems that no longer meet your needs.

Such a comprehensive suite of features is essential for any expense management platform to effectively handle non-payroll expenses as a company expands and Alaan serves businesses of all sizes, proving beneficial for mid-market companies & enterprises, while also effectively meeting the needs of small businesses.

We appreciate the detailed and honest feedback from our reviews. If you want more insights into how Alaan leads in the expense management category on G2 in the Middle East, check our FAQs below. A big thank you to everyone who has left a review — your insights guide us.

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What is G2 and is it trustworthy?

G2.com is arguably the most popular business software review site, with over 1.8 million user reviews on over 100,000 products.

How does G2 work?

Sellers list their software products on G2.com and select the appropriate product category or categories. Users provide reviews of the software, impacting the product’s rank on a category page, on a G2 Grid® Report, and on other reports, based on G2 score.

What do G2 rankings mean?

By default, G2 sorts products in a category by its “G2 score.”

The G2 score is based on a combination of the number of reviews, a (user) satisfaction score and a market presence score. The higher a product’s G2 score is relative to other products in the same category, the higher the product is ranked.

G2 scores also impact the placement of a vendor on a G2 Grid® Report.

How do I understand G2 reports?

The different kinds of G2 reports:

  • G2 Grid® Reports - position the products in a category based on their market presence and satisfaction. G2 separates the grid into four quadrants: Niche, Contenders, High Performers, and Leaders..
  • Index reports aggregate several data points on one factor. Index reports cover implementation, usability, relationship, or results.
  • Compare Reports compare up to four vendors against each other on user satisfaction ratings.
  • Momentum Grids see the growth trajectory for each product in a category.

The G2 Research Methodology page covers G2’s scoring methodology, definitions, categorizations, and research agenda.

Can G2 help my organization with decision-making around software purchases?

G2 can definitely help your organization make better decisions about software purchases. Research shows that reviews of products are becoming more important for businesses looking to buy software. G2 offers extensive reviews and insights that can guide your choices, helping ensure that your software investments align well with your organization’s needs.

How do I pick the right spend management software for my company with G2’s help?

To pick the right spend management software for your company using G2, start by exploring user reviews and ratings. Focus on region-specific reports to see how different software is rated in your area, as regional nuances can impact software performance. Compare features, ease of use, and customer support across various options, and use G2’s comparison tools and Grid Reports to evaluate how solutions stack up. This targeted approach ensures you make a well-informed decision based on relevant user feedback and software capabilities.

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