Empowering Finance Teams, Embracing Green Dreams

At Alaan, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to fostering not
only financial growth for our clients, but also a deep-rooted
dedication to eco-responsibility.

Learn more about our initiatives below!

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Take a look at how Alaan is playing its part in building a
sustainable tomorrow!

All Alaan cards are Carbon Neutral!

Know that when you choose Alaan, you choose a partner that ensures you do not contribute more to the world's carbon footprint.

What does that mean? There are no emissions associated with the production and delivery of an Alaan card!

Currently, we acknowledge that there are certain parts of our operations where we cannot completely get rid of carbon footprint on our own, hence we partner with a third party to offset out emissions, and ensure we can stick to our promises

All Alaan cards are Carbon Neutral!

We aspire to be trailblazers of sustainable finance in MENA

Alaan was founded in 2021 with the belief that our social responsibility extends beyond finance and helping underserved businesses. We want to do our part to make then world a better place, one step at a time.

Keeping this in mind, we are constantly developing our product to provide businesses the opportunity to track and control their carbon emissions.

With this, Alaan's spend management solution is constantly evolving in a way to ensure;

- Increased transparency for customers
- Possibility of Individualized climate action
- Improved reputation and trust of companies

Alaan will be net zero by 2025

Alaan is currently at a stage where quantifying a climate target and timeline is difficult, we're growing the team at a staggering rate, and our global employee footprint expands on a weekly basis.

With that said, Alaan is committed to achieving Net Zero for the entire organization by 2025.

To achieve these goals, the team at Alaan has etched the following norms into practice

- Reducing business travel as much as possible and resorting to virtual meetings as a default mode of communication

- Ensuring annual company gatherings are carbon neutralised.

- Reviewing company footprint on a quarterly basis and mandating climate positive for problem areas


Does Alaan have any sustainability goals
Yes! We have a organizational wide goal to be net zero by 2030
Why is sustainability important to Alaan?
Alaan understands that we are all in the fight against the climate crises together, something which cannot be taken lightly. We want to do our part to help the the planet, and have taken the conscious decision to ensure all our activities do not add to the burden of the environment - hence, are willing to do anything it takes, even if it affects our bottom line.
How does Alaan company support sustainable innovation?
Innovation is key to driving sustainable progress. At Alaan, we foster a culture that encourages creativity and the development of sustainable solutions. We invest in creating partnerships with leading ESG providers in the country , and are constantly on the lookout for ways in which we can help our clients in their climate goals
How does Alaan ensure that the suppliers worked with follow sustainable practices?
We have a rigorous supplier evaluation process that considers their environmental impact, sustainability certifications, and adherence to ethical standards. We prioritize partnering with suppliers committed to sustainable practices.

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