Remain safe with advanced protection from Alaan.

Discover all the ways that Alaan protects your data and keeps your enterprise safe.

Remain safe with advanced protection from Alaan.

How we keep your funds safe

Bank security
Bank level security
Your money is always secure in a Tier 1 Licensed bank.
Multi Factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication
Adding a layer of security to your valuable information.
Your account and card details are encrypted and only visible to you.

Regulatory Standards

ISO Certification

Alaan is ISO 27001 certified, adhering to the most stringent international security standards, offering our clients peace of mind and confidence in the security and confidentiality of their sensitive financial information.

ISO Certification
PCI Compliance
PCI Compliance

Alaan’s payment partners abide by PCI security standards to ensure that all sensitive card information is processed, transmitted, and stored securely.

Account Security

Secure data


Our website uses industry-standard encryption to ensure protected transmission of data.

Unsanctioned access

Alaan will automatically log out in cases of idle devices in order to prevent any unauthorised usage

Security policy

Alaan maintains a strict privacy policy for your personal information and iFrame protection for your cards

Secure data

Activity confirmation

Alaan keeps you informed about all your account level changes, especially when you have logged in from a different device.

Secure ID

Alaan secures your data with strong password requirements and biometric verification.

Device verification

Alaan requires one-time authorization for new devices to ensure that only your approved devices have access.

Alaan's Security Ethos

Regulatory standards
We are dedicated to achieving compliance with both PCI DSS II and ISO standards, demonstrating our commitment to the security and reliability of our systems and processes.
Platform Control
We have developed our platform from the ground up in-house, and are constantly working to enhance its security measures.
Application security
Our team consistently works on updating the applications with the latest security patches to ensure continuous protection against potential vulnerabilities.
Fund security
All funds are securely held in a protected pool account with our Banking Partner in the UAE and they are not accessible to Alaan nor commingled with any other account.
Data security
We ensure the complete security of Alaan user data by storing it on regional servers that are highly secure.
Product security
Card details are completely secure and confidential. We employ strict measures to ensure that card information is kept private and we never share or disclose it to any third parties.


How secure is Alaan’s platform?
Our security architecture employs multiple layers of security measures to safeguard your data against unauthorized access or use. We use advanced encryption, access controls, and vulnerability management techniques to prevent security breaches.
How does Alaan ensure the protection of client data?
Alaan has implemented robust network security policies to ensure that your data is safe from network-based attacks. Our security program constantly tests for potential vulnerabilities and quickly patches any potential weaknesses.
Where is Alaan's data stored?
We love to keep everything close to home - all of Alaan’s data is encrypted and hosted on a server in the UAE. Our cloud service providers employ robust controls to secure the availability and security of their systems. This includes measures such as backup power,fire detection and suppression equipment, secure device destruction amongst others.
How does Alaan ensure that security systems are kept up to date?
Alaan’s Quality Assurance process reviews and tests the codebase continuously. The security team has the resources to investigate and recommend remediation of security vulnerabilities within the code. Regular syncs, training, and security resources are provided to the QA team.

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