We're building the most loved Fintech in the Middle East

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The breakthroughs we’re making at Alaan are impacting businesses of all sizes, helping them work faster, better, and smarter. Join the A-Team. Reach your peak potential.

We're building the most loved Fintech in the Middle East

Our Story

Businesses are underserved by the financial system in the MENA region. They find it difficult to open a bank account and get access to credit. They are overcharged for simple services and they lack access to innovative products to help them manage their finances.

We want to change this status quo with a delightful and powerful platform to give underserved businesses access to technology that is only reserved for big enterprises.

We offer a spend management platform to manage employee expenses, online spend and invoices. This will help businesses eliminate hours of manual tasks every day, while allowing company's owner-operator or finance director to be in control of the spending.

What makes Alaan Unique?

Obsession over the customer

We never lose sight of the reason we exist - our customers. Our end goal is always their success and happiness.


We make every decision with the long-term success of the company in mind, addressing issues that need solving

Unwavering Courage

We think big. Take on hard problems. Embrace change. Learn new things, and step out of our comfort zones

Execution Bias

We focus on what moves the needle. Execute relentlessly against aligned goals. Measure results objectively. Identify failures early. Understand why. Course correct. Win.


We invest in each other. Seek and give feedback. Care enough to be honest and transparent. Demonstrate integrity in every situation. Come together in crises. Help others in their struggles. Have fun together. Laugh a lot.

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