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Corporate cards, spend management, and accounting automation - all in one place.


An all-in one spend management system with a fast implementation and ramp up cycle so you can start saving time and money right away.

Our premium offering provides a comprehensive platform experience that includes all default modules, with additions based on your business requirements


Ultimate visibility and control with our most advanced configuration, bringing the highest value for larger organizations and enterprises.

This solution ensures dedicated resources to integrate your business accounting systems, custom implementation plans for your employees, and expert guidance to streamline your expense processes

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Earn Unlimited Cashback

Save up to 2% per transaction. Customers today save Thousands of Dirhams each month as cashback.

Truly Unlimited Cards

Once you select a plan, issue unlimited cards to all your employees, be it 5 or 1000, at no extra cost

Impact that truly matters

AED saved per thousand transactions processed
Accuracy improved with Alaan’s real-time insights
Hours saved every month for finance teams using Alaan
Efficiency increased with Alaan's accounting automation

Start simplifying your business spend with Alaan 🚀

Unlimited cards
Up to 2% cashback
No minimum balance