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About Alaan
What is Alaan?
Alaan is an all-in-one business spending solution powered by smart corporate cards. Alaan empowers employees to buy what they need to get work done, while enabling owners and finance teams to get full control and visibility on business spend.

Alaan offers businesses 5 key features:

- Unlimited virtual and physical corporate cards
- Expense management
- Invoice management
- Accounting integrations
- Spend analytics
Is Alaan suitable for us?
Alaan works with companies of all sizes, across every industry. What unites those businesses is that they’ve experienced the pain of traditional spend management: shared cards, petty cash, chasing receipts, expense reports and reimbursements.
Which countries are Alaan available in?
We are currently serving businesses with legal entities in UAE. We expect to launch in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman soon
Where is Alaan’s headquarters?
Alaan is headquartered out of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), UAE. We have a remote team with people working from all over the world.
Where and how is Alaan regulated?
Alaanpay Technology Ltd is a DIFC limited company (please refer to DIFC public register) with our registered address at Unit 904, CP05 - Innovation Hub West, DIFC, Dubai, UAE. The Alaan VISA Card is issued by Mashreq Bank, regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.
What is the cost for using Alaan?
The set-up cost of using Alaan varies based on your organization's requirements. Get in touch with us to know more!
Are my funds held with Alaan?
No. Your funds will be held in a bank account, regulated by the Central Bank of UAE, and Alaan will have no access to your funds.
Are my funds safe?
Yes, your funds are are stored in a safeguarded bank account. This means that neither we – nor anyone else – has any direct access to your money. Only you can access your funds.

Your funds are only used when you execute payment transactions using the Alaan card. In the unlikely scenario of Alaan going bankrupt or becoming insolvent, the balance amount in your account would be returned to you.
What do I do if my Alaan account is blocked?
You can reach us at Our Customer Support team will get back to you and make sure to solve any issues as soon as possible.
Is Alaan a Bank?
Alaan is not a bank. We are a business spending solution that helps companies pay for the things they need and track those transactions. We offer you company cards and spend management software to solve your pain points dealing with petty cash, receipts and hours of manual wor
Why am I being asked to provide information about my business?
In order to satisfy regulatory requirements and ensure safety across our platform, we need to understand your business operations, ownership of your business, your source of funds and other necessary details required to complete the KYB (Know Your Business) checks. We must be able to verify your identity and your employee identities to ensure it is truly you and your employees who are applying for access to our platform. In additional to KYB, these details also help us prevent fraud and scammers who intend to abuse our products and services for illicit or illegal means.
How do I speak to someone about my account?
You can reach out to us at
The Alaan Card
What is the Alaan card?
The Alaan card is a VISA corporate card which a business owner can issue to their employees. This can either be a physical or virtual card that can be activated instantly. It can be used in store at POS terminals or for online transactions. You can set tailored spend controls for each card such as spend limits, merchant locking, transaction limits, ATM withdrawal limits etc. An Alaan card can be blocked in case of adversities to avoid any fraudulent transactions. These cards help eliminate petty cash, the need to use the owner's personal credit cards and constantly requesting OTPs.
How many virtual and physical cards can I create?
Can I use the Alaan card outside UAE?
Yes, the Alaan card is issued by Visa and can be used in all countries around the world where a Visa card is accepted.
How can you transfer funds to your Alaan card?
Please login to your account and click on 'Add balance'. Instructions for bank transfer will be provided there.
When will my physical cards be delivered?
Once you issue a physical card to yourself or the employee from our web portal, we expect to deliver the cards within 5 business days. In case of any delays, get in touch with us and we’ll see to it that your cards are promptly delivered to you.
What currencies are supported on my Alaan card?
All of the 200+ currencies supported by Visa.
Does the Alaan card work for online AED payments?
Yes, the Alaan card fully supports online payments.
What is the eligibility criteria for getting an Alaan card for employees?
As long as you have a corporate account set up with us, the admin can issue Alaan cards to the employees. Employees can download the Alaan app from the app store and go through a brief onboarding procedure to get access and activate their Alaan cards.

There are no further eligibility requirements.
Is this a debit card or a credit card?
Currently, this is a prepaid corporate card for all your business expenses.
Does my credit score hold importance in being eligible?
No, your credit score has no bearing on your Alaan card usage or eligibility.
The Alaan Dashboard
How do I issue an employee a card?
You can issue a card from the dashboard by selecting the ‘Issue Card’ button and selecting the employee you wish to issue a card to.
How do I add a new user?
You can add a new user from the dashboard by clicking on the ‘Invite User’ button and providing few of their details.
How do I freeze a card?
A card can be frozen from the dashboard by selecting the specific card and selecting the ‘Freeze Card’ icon. Additionally, from the mobile app, a card can be selected and frozen by selecting the ‘Freeze Card’ button.
How can I view a monthly summary?
You can view all sorts of expense summaries using the ‘Analytics’ tab on the dashboard.

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