Client Ad Management, Simplified

Spend less time managing finances, and more on powerful campaigns - all while receiving an industry leading 2% cashback on your marketing and SaaS tools.

Alaan Marketing agencies expenses
Alaan Marketing agencies spending

Allocate and track spending by project or client

- Issue unlimited cards and manage all your projects by creating budgets, spending limits, and approval policies for each project or client.

- All spend is tagged neatly to the individual, as well as the corresponding budget per project or client.

- Gain real-time visibility on all project spend from a single dashboard. Access project finances instantly for easy billing and reporting.

Manage your global ad campaigns

- Pay and track all your advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, etc., using your Alaan card

- Easily track and manage spend for Non-AED payments in local currencies, and don't lose a single dirham with pesky currency conversion rates.

- Easily manage all agency tools and subscriptions for clients.

Alaan Marketing ad campaigns
Alaan Marketing agencies cash back

Enjoy an industry-leading 2% cash back directly to your account

- Get 2% uncapped cash back on online marketing and SaaS tools. Reduce your bottom line & get rewarded

- Save on online marketing platforms and SaaS tools like Hubspot, Intercom, Mailchimp and more

- The more you spend with your Alaan card, the more you save.

How Markathon Stays Ahead of Client Ad Spend with Alaan
"Super helpful in keeping track of all the ad spend we handle on behalf of our clients. What a game changer it has been!"
Girish S
Chief Executive Officer, Markathon
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Can I use my Alaan card for all online ads and SaaS platforms?
Absolutely! Alaan cards work seamlessly with Meta, Google, Snapchat, Tik Tok and every other possible social media platform - no more running around with your corporate credit cards.
Can I really create individual cards for ALL my clients?
With Alaan, you can create and issue unlimited virtual cards for each and every individual client. No more passing around one card and worrying about
Is the 2% cashback capped at a limit?
Our cashback is truly unlimited for all foreign exchange spend and is not capped at any amount - there is no catch!
How can I track spend per project?
Alaan provides you with the ability to create tags that can be mapped to a particular project. Make a payment, select your desired tag and you're set. Track this through our advanced analytics screen, and never lose control of your business spend again!

Start simplifying your business spend with Alaan 🚀

Unlimited cards
Up to 2% cashback
No minimum balance