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Enhance Fitness is the leading independent personal trainer provider across KSA, UAE, and Qatar. Since inception, Enhance Fitness has conducted over 400,000 gym sessions, employing  more than 500 personal trainers and partnering with multiple gyms in the region.

With data and technology at its core, the app serves as a gateway to a fitness world designed to cater to each client’s unique goals. Clients can train anywhere, anytime, whether in the comfort of their home or one of the partnered locations.

Now, driven by a global mission, Enhance has unveiled its cutting-edge SaaS enterprise solution for large-scale gym operators worldwide.

Enhance was established in 2018 by Founder Tarek Mounir, and is shaping the Tech-Fitness landscape.

The problem

An inefficient petty cash management process, hampered by time-consuming manual procedures

Enhance Fitness faced significant challenges in managing petty cash expenses. Cash transactions were the norm, making it cumbersome to track and verify receipts. The use of cash not only posed security and accountability issues but also hindered the company's ability to maintain an organized financial system. The management team of  Enhance Fitness recognized the issues and the need for a more streamlined and efficient expense management process.

According to Jitendra Vyas, head of finance at Enhance Fitness,

"We needed a solution that would make petty cash expense management easier and significantly reduce reliance on cash. Receipt tracking and verification were essential aspects that needed improvement to enhance financial transparency and efficiency."

Additionally, they needed a user-friendly interface that would facilitate expense reporting and management for both staff and management.

The solution

Replacing manual petty cash tracking by introducing an efficient and tech-driven expense management system

Enhance Fitness turned to our expense management solution to address their challenges comprehensively. The solution, leveraging corporate cards, almost completely eliminated the reliance on petty cash and introduced a new era of efficient and transparent expense management.

Key components of the solution included:

Corporate Cards: Alaan enabled Enhance Fitness to virtually eliminate petty cash. With corporate cards, managers and admins could issue unlimited cards to employees, set spending limits, and replace their manual reimbursement processes. This innovation enabled convenient and transparent petty cash transactions and empowered the management team to monitor spending in real-time.

Automated Receipt Tracking: Alaan's data-rich platform automated the receipt tracking and verification process. Staff members could effortlessly capture and submit receipts using their smartphones, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and significantly reducing the risk of missing receipts.

User-Friendly Interface: The system featured an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it effortless for staff to report and manage expenses. It also provided real-time visibility into spending, enabling the finance team to monitor and control expenses more effectively.

Alaan's solution also automated the reconciliation process, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on strategic business planning and analysis. With Alaan, Enhance Fitness was able to transform its petty cash management, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

According to Jitendra,

“Alaan's corporate cards not only eliminated our petty cash hassles but also made our expense management efficient and transparent. The user-friendly interface has been a game-changer, and it allowed our team to focus on strategic financial planning and analysis.'"

With the implementation of Alaan's solution, Enhance Fitness has not only modernized its financial operations but has also embraced a forward-thinking approach to expense management.

If you like the sound of saving time, automating tedious processes, and taking control of spend, just like Enhance – then book a demo today!

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