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Hello Chef is a Dubai-based meal-kit service, delivering chef-curated recipes and pre-portioned, fresh ingredients to thousands of customers across the UAE every week. In a bid to simplify home-cooking, Hello Chef creates an enviroment for home cooking that’s full of love without the hassle of planning your meals for hours each week.

Hello Chef prides itself on being a high-quality service that provides convenient, varied and healthy meals - enabling customers to live life to the fullest. Their home delivery service allows customers to spend less time meal planning and grocery shopping, and more time appreciating the true value of enjoying delicious food with loved ones. Providing this experience is no small feat, and the Hello Chef team comprises diverse, bright and motivated individuals who are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Since the company began operating, the team has grown exponentially. This meant that they needed to upgrade their mode of operations to stay in charge and ensure they could function in the same efficient manner as they always did.

The problem

A manual, fragmented business spend process plagued by manual processes

As a rapidly-growing startup, Hello Chef undertook a lot of spend on credit cards. The company’s legacy system, which centralized card issuance among a handful of employees, simply wasn’t working.

The highly manual nature of the entire business spend process also precluded real-time visibility into spend across departments. While the finance team was trying to automate all payment information and present numbers to the departments, it was difficult to time things right -  It was impossible to give an accurate picture of real-time expenditures mid-month, which was frustrating.

Hello Chef needed a new spend management solution that could replace the age-old credit card management, reduce inefficiencies through automation, and infuse visibility into a cumbersome, opaque process

The solution

An automated platform that simplifies spend management, saves time, and offers real-time visibility

Once Hello Chef heard of Alaan, they understood the platform is exactly what was required to transform the way they handled day-to-day finances. As a firm that believed in only having the best tools out there - choosing Alaan was a no-brainer. Once Alaan was implemented, Hello Chef realised that the entire Alaan ecosystem had the added benefit of improving daily work and life for accounting team members by reducing frustrating, time-consuming manual work.

The finance team’s rolling out of Alaan cards across the organization has enabled various managers to set their own card rules, enforce spending limits, and create vendor-specific virtual cards. This has empowered individuals across the company, saved time for the accounting team, and reduced instances of receipt-payment mismatch,

The ability for employees to easily upload receipts in real time has resulted in real-time insights and information for the finance team. Real-time transaction has made financial management a breeze for the team and now Hello Chef feels like they have the perfect tool required to take control of every aspect in the business spend.

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