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How Dubai's premier property maintenance company eliminated petty cash by 90%

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K4 Technical Services, a trusted property maintenance company based in Dubai, is known for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction. As an ISO 9001 certified company, K4 specializes in a wide range of services, including facilities management, property maintenance, fit-out & renovations, and holiday home services. Their dedicated team ensures that every project is completed with the highest quality and efficiency.

K4's expertise extends to transforming properties through top notch fit-out services, maintaining properties with professional cleaning services, and managing holiday homes to maximize rental potential. Their comprehensive facilities management services cover everything from regular maintenance to emergency repairs, ensuring smooth operation and comfort for properties. 

Starting with a small team, K4 quickly grew in reputation and size, now boasting a team of over 250 skilled professionals. Their focus on quality and continuous improvement has made them a preferred choice in the industry.

The problem

Challenges in expense management and transaction efficiency

Prior to adopting Alaan, K4 Technical Services faced several challenges that hindered their finance team’s efficiency. Key among these were difficulties in managing petty cash funds, tracking and exporting company expense related transactions to the ERP, and discrepancies in real-time transaction updates. The absence of department-wise financial oversight also posed significant challenges in budget allocation and management.

Amarnath, the Finance Manager at K4, touched upon these issues,

"We were encountering frequent challenges with how company-related expenses were handled; specially when it came to managing petty cash, which was becoming a huge drain on the accounting teams. Minor, yet frequent discrepancies in the petty cash fund were symptomatic of a larger issue, and we needed a fix."

He further elaborated,

"We also faced issues with inputing transactions to our accounting software. Not only were there system limitations, but also a noticeable lag in transaction dates between our records and the bank statements. Moreover, the lack of a department-specific expense tracking made it difficult for us to efficiently manage and allocate budgets across different departments."

These challenges highlighted the need for a more streamlined expense management system, leading K4 to seek a solution that could address these complex needs.

The solution

Replacing manual petty cash tracking by introducing an efficient and tech-driven expense management system

K4 addressed their expense management challenges by implementing Alaan and reduced the dependability on petty cash by 90%. They issued Alaan corporate cards with limits and restrictions to all employees, and moved towards a more efficient, transparent, and scalable expense management system. Here's how Alaan helped:

Automated receipt tracking: The automated receipt tracking was a crucial development for K4. It simplified the verification process, enhancing the company's financial transparency and significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with manual tracking.

Real-time transaction monitoring: Real-time visibility into spending on the Alaan platform was a key factor in maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records at K4. This feature significantly enhanced real-time visibility for K4's management - who now know exactly where the company is spending at any given point in time. Departments now receive a more accurate financial picture, streamlining the financial review process and providing a clearer and more manageable financial overview.

Ease of issuing multiple cards: The ease and feasibility of issuing multiple corporate cards without incurring additional charges were significant for K4. This flexibility allowed efficient management of expenses across various departments and teams.

Cashback benefits: One of the features that K4 benefited from was the 2% cashback on expenses in foreign currencies including online advertising, adding value to their bottom line.

“Alaan's corporate cards not only streamlined our previously messy processes but also brought transparency and efficiency to our expense management. We're relieved that petty cash dependability in the organisation has reduced significantly. The addition of no hidden charges and cashback on international transactions have also been particularly beneficial for us.”

The enhanced oversight with Alaan not only improved the accuracy of reporting at K4 but also enabled a more proactive approach to budget management. With real-time data at their fingertips, department heads can make informed decisions swiftly, adapting to needs and opportunities as they arise.

As they look forward to further enhancements, K4 continues to exemplify how innovative financial solutions can drive organizational success and growth. Their experience stands as a testament to the transformative impact that expense management tools can have on dynamic and growing businesses.

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