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How one of UAE's leading digital agency stays ahead of client advertising spends with Alaan

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Markathon is a digital communications, social media and creative agency that loves the crossroads of design, creativity, technology and marketing. They build modern, rock solid bridges that connect businesses with consumers and provide impactful solutions to help clients reach their consumers in an ever-expanding digital cosmos.

With their strong appetite for great work and a drive for big results, Markathon has left a mark as one of the leaders in the marketing and advertisement sphere in UAE.


A time-consuming spend process involving shared corporate credit cards

As an agency with a key focus on digital marketing, Markathon relied on various SaaS tools to launch ad campaigns for their clients. This meant having to deliver paid ads based on preset budgets and multiple subscriptions in various currencies.

Initially, the company had to make do with sharing one card across teams servicing multiple clients. However, as the company grew in size and started handling more and more clients than ever before, this method of handling finances simply affected the overall efficiency of the company

According to Girish, CEO of Markathon;

"Keeping track of our business expenses on our corporate credit card was always a nightmare"

In addition to all of this, the team found that relying on a traditional corporate card to facilitate ad payments was difficult due to its lack of real-time spend tracking. While one card was sufficient during the agency’s early days, keeping track of how much was being spent was much harder as time progresses. Not only was this a security concern, it also gave them no visibility of spend on a client/ project level.


A comprehensive spend solution to manage company and client expenses with 2% cashback.

Girish stumbled upon Alaan, and realized this was exactly what he needed to streamline Markathon’s finances - he found a flexible solution that would not only allow Markathon to issue multiple cards assigned to each client, but could also leverage Alaan’s real-time spend insights, merchant locks and 2% cashback

"It has been super helpful in keeping track of all the ad spend we handle on behalf of our clients. What a game-changer it has been!”

With the power of Alaan, the team was able to enjoy the flexibility of issuing as many cards as they wanted, without the extra costs or waiting period of a typical corporate card. This meant that they could now assign an Alaan card to each client or project instantly, making it easier to categorize payments and prepare to bill whenever needed at a much faster pace.

Furthermore, they could manage company spend on a single dashboard and see real time insights. This was crucial in ensuring they remain on top of ad payments

“With Alaan, I have access to a dashboard where I can keep track of every expense/transaction, whether it is for Markathon or for our clients.”

For Markathon, this meant they could spend less time managing finances, and more on powerful campaigns.

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