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How Alaan helped UAE's leading q-commerce company streamline their expense management

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Quiqup is a pioneering q-commerce technology startup headquartered in the UAE that empowers e-commerce businesses, from SMEs to enterprise organizations, by providing fast, reliable, and convenient last-mile logistics services. 

Leveraging proprietary technology, Quiqup supports businesses in meeting the ever-growing demand for online shopping in the region. The company's unique operating model ensures the fastest delivery, seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and outstanding customer service.

The problem

A disjointed expense tracking process held back by inefficient procedures

Quiqup was faced with a challenging expense management scenario. Their primary issue was the shared use of one company card, leading to difficulties with OTPs and the inability to efficiently collect invoices and assign responsibilities for various expenses. This setup was chaotic and made it nearly impossible to streamline their spending.

Tarryn, the Chief of Staff at Quiqup, elaborated on their predicament:

"Our expense management was a real headache. We had a single company card that everyone used, which led to OTP hassles and chaos in collecting invoices and attributing expenses. It was a bottleneck we needed to unclog."

This manual approach to expense tracking did not align with their goals and posed a significant challenge, particularly when it came to VAT claims. Quiqup needed a solution that could provide real-time spending visibility, streamline their financial processes, and resolve their shared card issues.

The solution

eliminating manual expense tracking with a tech-driven product

To address these challenges, Quiqup turned to Alaan for a comprehensive spend management solution. Alaan's product streamlined expense management by offering real-time synchronization of all company spending. The new system allowed for the issuance and freezing of cards instantly, putting control back into Quiqup's hands rather than relying on the banks. Tarryn, the Chief of Staff at Quiqup, was effusive about the system's ease of use and quick review process: 

"Alaan gives us control over card issuance and freezing, which is a game-changer. The system is user-friendly, and the review process is lightning-fast."

Furthermore, Alaan's solution made it easy to push invoices into Xero and expedite the review process, which was essential for Quiqup to validate VAT invoices and claim VAT. Tarryn emphasized the efficiency of the system,

"We can quickly review expenses, from initial approval to preparing for accounting export and finalizing the export. With Alaan, invoice data is pushed into Xero seamlessly."

The benefits of the Alaan system didn't stop there. Quiqup appreciated the added perk of cashback and the cost savings, as Alaan not only streamlined their processes but also paid them, while competitors charged for similar platforms. Tarryn emphasized,

"Not only does Alaan make our financial processes easier, but it also pays us. Competitors would charge us."

Quiqup's partnership with Alaan resolved their shared card issues, expedited their expense management processes, and facilitated VAT claims, all while offering cost savings and cashback benefits. This client-centric solution empowered Quiqup to take control of their expenses, contributing to their commitment to efficiency and financial responsibility.

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