Corporate Cards
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November 6, 2023

7 reasons why your marketing team NEEDS a corporate card

If you're a marketer looking to manage your budget with ease and avoid those end-of-the-month invoice hassles, this blog is for you. Read up to find out how corporate cards can really make your life easier.

If you're a marketer looking to manage your budget with ease and avoid those end-of-the-month invoice hassles, then you're not alone. Many marketers face these challenges. The good news is that there are tools available today that can make your life simpler and more efficient.

In this article, we'll break down how you, as a marketer, can leverage corporate cards to optimize your marketing budget. Say goodbye to budgeting stress and hello to a smoother experience in managing your marketing finances.  

1. Expense tracking

One of the primary advantages of using corporate cards in marketing is the ability to track expenses easily. Every transaction made with a corporate card is recorded, providing a clear and organized overview of expenditures. This level of transparency allows you to monitor where the marketing budget is going and identify areas where adjustments may be needed. It's a good way to ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with financial goals.

expense tracking report

2. Streamlined approvals

Corporate cards at Alaan are integrated with an expense management system that streamlines the approval process. This feature is especially helpful in marketing, where campaigns and projects often require quick decision-making. With automated approval workflows, you can ensure that marketing expenses meet company policies and budgets. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of overspending.

streamlined auto approvals

3. Expense categories for better insights

To make the most out of corporate cards in marketing, it's important to establish clear expense categories. You can work with your marketing team to define specific categories relevant to your industry and campaigns. These categories can include advertising spend on Meta, Linkedin, Tiktok, etc, digital marketing tools & other subscriptions, event costs and more. By categorizing expenses accurately, it becomes easier to analyze where marketing investments are driving the best results.

allowed expense categories in alaan

4. Virtual Cards for online campaigns

In the digital age, online marketing campaigns are the bread and butter for any business. Corporate virtual cards are a secure and efficient way to manage online expenses. These viral cards can be issued for specific campaigns, limiting their use to assigned vendors or platforms. This level of control minimizes the risk of unauthorized spending and ensures that marketing budgets are used exclusively for their intended purposes.

virtual corporate cards for marketing related expenses

5. Cash-back and rewards

If you're in marketing and spend thousands each month, the idea of cash-back should definitely excite you. By strategically using cards with cash-back options, marketing expenses can give additional financial advantages. This could involve receiving cash-back on advertising spend, subscription expenses, or other marketing-related costs. These rewards can then be reinvested into future marketing initiatives.

Alaan offers an industry leading 2% cash-back on online marketing and SaaS tools along with savings on other FX transactions. The more you spend with your Alaan card, the more you save!

earn cash-back and rewards on alaan's corporate card

6. Expense submissions and audits

Alaan's corporate cards come equipped with a receipt upload feature where marketers don't have to submit multiple receipts to the finance department but instead they can directly email the receipts to a designated mailbox and the receipts get uploaded automatically on the app for them. This feature helps marketers save valuable time and the finance department is happy with them too.

The easy expense submission and tracking features also help immensely with expense audits to ensure that corporate cards are being used optimally. Regular audits help managers identify any irregularities, duplicate charges, or potential misuse of cards. By being vigilant, managers can maintain control over marketing expenses and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency.

7. Training and education

Provide training and education to your marketing team on how to use corporate cards effectively. This includes familiarizing marketers with expense policies, category tracking, and the importance of clear documentation. When marketing teams understand the financial implications of their spending decisions, they can work collaboratively with you to achieve common goals.

Many organisations in the UAE use Alaan to manage their marketing spend. Here's a case study about our client Markathon and how they used Alaan to streamline their marketing expenses.

In conclusion, corporate cards are a valuable asset for marketing teams. By implementing clear expense tracking, streamlined approvals, and strategic practices like virtual cards and rewards programs, you can help marketers make the most out of their budgets. With effective team work and regular audits, corporate cards become a powerful tool for driving marketing success while maintaining financial control.

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