Get to know Alaan
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December 3, 2022

Get To Know Alaan 1.0

Alaan is an all-in-one spend management platform powered by smart corporate cards. Alaan entrusts employees to purchase what they must to get the job done while giving business owners and finance teams comprehensive control and visibility on business spending.

Did you know?

  • Globally, 20% of manually filed expenses are filed incorrectly
  • Over 3000 man-hours are wasted every year generating manual expense reports
  • 57% of companies globally lack visibility on spend management

Well, we're here to make sure none of the above apply to you. It’s time to simplify your company finances with Alaan.

Who are we?

We're a group of enthusiasts targeting to simplify finance for underserved businesses in the Middle East. We have created the Middle East's first multi-currency spend management platform to oversee all company expenditures through corporate cards and automated invoice payments. 

Alaan is an all-in-one spend management platform powered by smart corporate cards. Alaan entrusts employees to purchase what they must to get the job done while giving owners and finance teams comprehensive control and visibility on business spending.

Working out of Dubai, our presence can soon be expected in other countries in the Middle East.

Why do you need us?

  • If an employee has to pay out of pocket and wait weeks for reimbursements, then it reflects really poorly on the organization.
  • Due to a strenuous approval system, urgent payments might be blocked.
  • Furthermore, an employee might be spending a significant amount of time on expense claims which directly hampers their performance and the performance of the company.
  • Not to mention, the finance team often lacks real-time control and visibility of the transactions made.
  • Lack of control leads to manual reconciliation and data entry. 
  • The finance team is left chasing after receipts, wasting precious man hours.. 

We can all consent to the fact that everyday transactions shouldn't be stressful, neither for the employee nor for the finance team. That's exactly why we're here to help.

What can Alaan do for you?

In addition to streamlining finance, Alaan can exponentially boost employee productivity while also maximizing efficiency for the organization. How, you ask?

  • We eradicate the need for petty cash by introducing corporate cards.
  • Our corporate cards work with several currencies, including but not limited to AED, SAR, and USD.
  • We enable tracking and managing employee expenditure in the most efficient way possible.
  • Our platform automates invoice proceedings which results in a negligible manual effort.
  • We help entrepreneurs spend better and save more. 

Over and above the productivity boosters stated above, here are a few prominent features that set Alaan apart and redefine how finances work in an organization.

  • Alaan issues unlimited virtual and physical corporate cards
  • Facilitates accounting integrations with leading bookkeeping software for the benefit of your accounting and finance team.
  • Performs spend analytics to enable your company to identify wasteful expenditures.

 Is Alaan for you? 

  • Ever gone through the pain of submitting expense claims and bills, not to mention the misplaced receipts, transactions made after hours, and unavoidable errors?
  • Are you wasting precious time and effort trying to manually streamline the expense processes?
  • Does your team lack visibility on the expenses made?
  • Are additional costs being added at the end of the month, due to receipt errors, fraudulent expenses, and more? 
  • Has your firm ever struggled with spend management, tracking employee expenses, hefty reimbursements, petty cash, and shared cards?

If any or all of the above-mentioned points are relatable, Alaan is undoubtedly for you. 

How does Alaan work?

  • Alaan is a completely free expense management solution for small to medium enterprises across the Middle East. No commissions or subscription fee is charged on behalf of Alaan. For every transaction made by your employees using the Alaan card, Alaan charges a small commission to the merchants.
  • Alaan does not harbor any of our clients’ funds, neither do we have access to them. The funds are stored securely in a bank account regulated by the Central Bank of UAE. Fund access lies exclusively with the organization. 
  • The funds are left intact and untouched unless payments have to be made. They are utilized solely when a payment transaction is executed by the client. 
  • In order to guarantee safety across our firm, we prioritize understanding the business operations, ownership, and the sourcing of funds of every organization willing to connect with us. 
  • We additionally go the extra mile and verify the identity of each of the employees who wish to access our platform. This is to help prevent fraud and shield us from scammers who intend to abuse our products and services for illicit or illegal means.

Alaan in action 

Alaan is undoubtedly what every organization needs to streamline its finances. Here’s how.

1. Alaan has made claim forms and reimbursements a thing of the past. 

  • Employees send receipts digitally as soon as a transaction is made.
  • This leaves no room for error or fudging, as data is received in real-time from VISA. 
  • The finance team has centralized access to a real-time dashboard monitoring each payment made. 

2. Alaan perpetually lets you know where your funds are going.

  • Transactions can be compartmentalized based on categories, merchants, users, and specific teams. 
  • Each transaction is monitored in real time with instant alerts to your designated admins.
  • Each expense figure lodges a precision of 100%.

3. We enable seamless integrations with ERP and other bookkeeping software to simplify operations and minimize errors. 

4. Managing invoices is automated to a point where they can be forwarded to us directly to be seen through. You have the liberty of managing approvals digitally and initiating payment through us to relevant suppliers. 

5. We've made sure that we are readily available and require minimal effort to set up and employ.

6. We additionally provide the best FX rates in the industry. 

Get to know our flagship product: The Alaan Card 

  • The Alaan card is a VISA corporate card that can be issued by business owners to their employees. It can either be a physical card dispatched by post, or a virtual card that can be activated instantly. 
  • It can be used in stores at POS terminals, or for online transactions. The organization can designate tailored spending controls for each card, encompassing but not capped to spend limits, merchant locking, ATM withdrawal limits, and so on. 
  • An Alaan card can be frozen or canceled on the spot in case of any fraudulent transactions. These cards help eliminate the need for petty cash, and dependence on personal credit cards, and operate through OTPs to keep the proceedings secure and unassailable. 
  • With Alaan, you can issue an unlimited number of virtual cards as per your requirements.
  • Since the Alaan card is issued by VISA, it can be operated in all the countries accepting a VISA card, supporting over 200 currencies.
  • The utilization of Alaan cards and eligibility to hold one is completely independent of one's personal credit score. 
Alaanpay physical virtual card.

Here's what the Alaan Dashboard brings to the table

  • The dashboard streamlines the process of issuing Alaan cards to your employees in literally seconds.
  • In case of fraudulent transactions, you can instantly freeze, unfreeze, or even cancel your Alaan card as and when required from the dashboard. 
  • Every transaction made can be monitored in real-time on the dashboard.
  • The dashboard’s analytics segment concisely portrays everything you need to know about company expenditures. 
Alaanpay Product Spend Management

So if you’re still stuck in the infinite loop of tracking employee expenses, chasing bills, paying out hefty reimbursements, handling petty cash, and managing shared cards, it’s time to get unstuck. It’s time to revolutionize how you do finance. It’s time to sign up with Alaan. It’s free.

Start simplifying your business spend with Alaan 🚀

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