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February 19, 2024

Petty Cash Reconciliation: How Businesses Can Do It Right

For businesses operating within the dynamic markets of the Middle East, meticulous management of finances, down to the last Dirham, is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line. Avoiding discrepancies between your expenses and the entries in your financial logbooks is essential. While larger expenses are easier to track due to stringent checks, ensuring compliance for minor expenses, like managing petty cash, poses a different challenge.

Imagine being a petty cash custodian. Your days are filled with invoices and reports, and you are focused on ensuring every Dirham flows smoothly. You meticulously count the worn bills and faded receipts every week and record them diligently, hoping they match the ledger. But what if one day you find out, they don’t match? You can't just mark the expenses as a write-off; you must justify expenses. 

Then begins the process of manually tracking every expense, scrutinizing each voucher and receipt, and reviewing thousands of documents for days to come, causing unnecessary delays in closing the books. But this should not be the case. 

Manual petty cash reconciliation incurs a huge business cost and is inefficient and time-consuming. It forces your finance teams to spend their time on repetitive manual tasks while they should be focussing on budgeting and other strategic initiatives.

In this blog, we'll discuss how the modern approach to petty cash reconciliation can help you streamline the cash management process in your company. Read on!

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What is Petty Cash Reconciliation?

Petty cash reconciliation is a process where the physical cash in a petty cash fund is verified against the documented expenses. It is a formal review of petty cash records and is normally used to manage small and routine business expenses.

Businesses must reconcile all payments to ensure the records are accurate, complete, and without discrepancies. The aim of the whole process is to prevent misuse of the company's funds. 

Importance of Petty Cash Reconciliation

Proper reconciliation is crucial for the accuracy and integrity of business accounts, especially if several small transactions are carried out daily. Effective petty cash reconciliation ensures:

  • Fraud Prevention: When you regularly match the cash in hand with recorded expenses, any gaps can be easily identified, preventing any misuse of funds. Petty cash reconciliation helps safeguard your assets and keep fraudulent activities at bay.
  • Budget Management: Petty cash reconciliation helps you zoom in on all small and often overlooked expenses. Keeping a close watch on these frequent expenditures means your company can avoid the pitfalls of overspending, ensuring that these little costs don't chip away at your financial stability.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In the Middle East region, petty cash reconciliation is not just a good practice but a compliance lifeline. It guarantees that every transaction is correctly recorded and reported. Such attention to detail keeps you in line with regulatory demands, staying clear of any legal issues.

How Often Should Petty Cash Be Reconciled?

While the specific interval for conducting petty cash reconciliation can vary, the regularity must align with your company's policies. A common practice among businesses in the region is to conduct a reconciliation process either bi-weekly (every 15 days) or monthly if you do it manually. However, when relying on the traditional pen-and-paper approach, managing petty cash reconciliation can become error-prone and inefficient. 

Transitioning to a corporate card and spend management solution like Alaan will automate your petty cash handling for a hassle-free experience. All the expenses made via corporate card will be automatically recorded in the expense management system in real-time.

Expenses made via corporate cards are automatically reflected in the system

Not only does it eliminate the trouble of manually uploading physical receipts and the time-consuming review of expense records, but the software comes with built-in audit trail capabilities, giving you complete visibility on how and where the money was spent. Also, with Alaan's corporate card, you can set up spending limits so that the expenses are never above what is approved. 

Challenges with Manual Petty Cash Reconciliation

 In the absence of a digital solution, you might face these challenges while reconciling petty cash manually:

Missing Documentation

In the UAE, where most petty cash-related transactions happen in cash, misplacement of receipts and over-reliance on employees to report accurate expenses can cause problems. The absence of a receipt for even small expenditures like office supplies can create gaps in the financial records. Without a receipt, it's difficult to verify the legitimacy and details of a transaction, making reconciliation harder.

Risk of Fraud and Misappropriation

When petty cash management is manually done, the risk of fraud and misappropriation increases. Without a digital footprint, tracking how and when cash is spent relies heavily on employee’s words. This inherent trust can be exploited, leading to the unauthorized use of funds.

Chaotic Approval Workflow

Petty cash expenditures often bypass the approval workflows set for larger business expenses due to the nominal amounts involved. However, applying the same policies and approval flows for major and minor business expenses can lead to inefficiencies. For instance, requiring managerial approval for a 100 AED expense could slow down operations and increase administrative burdens. Organizations need a custom approach that identifies the unique nature of petty cash transactions while ensuring fiscal control.

Time-consuming and Inefficient Process

Since there's a lot of paperwork involved with the traditional petty cash management process, the entire process is slow and cumbersome. Businesses with a high volume of petty cash transactions can find it particularly difficult to reconcile accounts as each transaction, no matter how small, needs to be verified, accounted for, and recorded in the books by hand. 

The manual process is also prone to human error, such as incorrect entries, admission, and duplication of transactions, which further delays the reconciliation process. For most finance teams, this time is better spent on strategic initiatives that can drive the business forward.

Lack of Control

Ensuring compliance with financial policies is challenging without an expense management solution like Alaan. Manual petty cash management lacks the checks and balances digital tools provide, making policy enforcement more difficult. This gap in control can lead to inconsistent expense handling, making it tough for businesses to adhere to financial guidelines.

Here is how automated reconciliation makes the whole process easy as compared to manual petty cash reconciliation:

Modern Approach to Managing Petty Cash Reconciliation

Given how tedious and inefficient manual petty cash management is, organizations are increasingly moving to digital expense management platforms to streamline business expenses and stay compliant.

These platforms offer an end-to-end solution to simplify expenses. Here’s how:

Virtual Corporate Cards

Opting for a spend management platform that also offers virtual corporate cards can help you with accurate expense tracking, reduced risk of fraud, and simplified reconciliation process.

As these cards are already synchronized with the spend management software, there is no need for receipt uploads and manual verification by custodians. All the transactions are automatically recorded in the platform, giving you complete visibility on expenses at all times. 

They also offer granular control over expenses by letting you set predefined spending limits on each card, which means your employees will spend within their approved budget.

Set predefined spending limits on each card

Maintaining Receipts Digitally

Modern expense management software facilitates digital receipt management by using OCR technology to transform paper receipts into digital formats. Your employees just need to click the image and upload it to the software. All details will be automatically reflected in the system. This streamlines the expense tracking process and minimizes human errors. 

With this, you won’t have to chase employees for receipts or enter data manually in the ledger.

Alaan uses OCR technology to convert physical receipts into digital receipts

Alaan's mobile app lets you quickly scan receipts and record transactions in real-time. It automatically extracts data, including vendor names, dates, and amounts, making it an indispensable tool for petty cash reconciliation. 

Ensuring Petty Cash Policy Compliance

Most organizations have a petty cash policy in place that outlines spending limits, approval flows, cash disbursement process, and reconciliation guidelines. While creating a policy is easy, the actual challenge is getting the policy implemented. 

A good expense management platform automates policy compliance, making it easier for employees to adhere to established guidelines without manual oversight. This automation not only simplifies compliance but also keeps you audit-ready, always

Maintaining Petty Cash Log and Streamlining Approval Flows

With smart corporate cards and spend management solutions, you can automate the whole process. All the expenses are automatically logged into the system when the employee uses the corporate card for expenses.

Digital records offer real-time visibility into your petty cash activities during the accounting period, while automated approval workflows eliminate unnecessary communication and back-and-forth emails. This helps speed up the process for minor expenses that otherwise would be delayed by manual approvals.

Petty cash management software makes it easy to manage expenses

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Alaan’s corporate cards and spend management platform can transform how you manage business expenses.

With features like real-time visibility, automated reconciliation, comprehensive audit trails, and streamlined approval workflows, Alaan offers a holistic solution to your day-to-day expenses. 

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