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September 12, 2023

What is OCR and how it can transform the way expenses are handled in your firm

Ditch paper receipts! Explore how OCR simplifies expense management

In today's day and age, staying ahead in business means adopting smart tools and technologies. One such game-changer is OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition. Let's dive into what OCR is and how it can make expense management a breeze for your company.

What Is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and it's like magic for documents. This technology takes all sorts of papers – think scanned papers, PDFs, or even photos from your camera – and turns them into digital text that you can edit and search. It does this by studying the shapes, patterns, and letters on these documents and transforming them into text that computers can understand.

How OCR helps with expenses

Now, you might wonder how this fancy tech can help with expenses. Well, here's the deal:

Receipt scanning: OCR lets you quickly turn paper receipts and invoices into digital copies. No more manual typing, which means fewer mistakes and less hassle.

Data extraction: It's not just about scanning; OCR is a whiz at pulling out important info from receipts and invoices. Think vendor names, dates, amounts, and even individual items.

Automation: When you use OCR with expense management systems, it can do a lot of the heavy lifting. Matching receipts to expense reports? Done. It makes everything faster and smoother.

Staying compliant: For all those pesky audits and reports, OCR is your best friend. It keeps records straight and follows the rules.

Searching made easy: Once your expense documents are digitized, you can search for stuff in a snap. No more digging through stacks of paper – just quick info retrieval and data analysis.

Why OCR is a game changer

Switching to OCR for expense management brings tons of benefits:

Saves time: Bye-bye, manual data entry. OCR frees up your team to do more important things.

Boosts accuracy: Fewer human errors mean fewer problems with your expense reports.

Cost-efficient: Efficient expense management saves money and reduces financial slip-ups.

Better insights: OCR-generated data gives you real-time info on expenses, helping you make informed choices.

extract data with OCR and create expense report

Setting up OCR

Alaan comes pre-equipped with OCR functionality, allowing businesses to effortlessly capture and extract critical data from invoices and receipts. This integration eliminates the need for extensive setup procedures, enabling users to immediately benefit from the efficiency and accuracy that OCR offers. With OCR seamlessly integrated into Alaan, organizations can experience a streamlined spend management process, with automatic data extraction and reduced manual data entry, all contributing to better decision-making and financial control.

In a nutshell, OCR isn't just about scanning documents – it's a game-changer for managing expenses. By automating data handling, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency, OCR makes expense management a breeze. It's your ticket to a streamlined, cost-effective, and compliant approach to handling expenses, and that's a surefire recipe for success in today's business world.

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